World-class specialty diabetes with personalized primary care. We provide all the care that patients need at affordable monthly rates. We don't work for the middle-man, we work for you.

Services We Offer

Diabetes Specialty Care

Dedicated to Your Time In Range

Primary Care and Wellness

Customized and Comprehensive

Weight Management

Constant Care for Steady Results

Thyroid Specialty Care

Precise and Affordable Management

Our Clinic

Mountain States Diabetes is a state-of-the-art clinic available to people living throughout the Mountain States, heartland, and southwest region of the country.  We provide extraordinary, personalized care to our patients. Committed to your entire wellbeing, we offer both specialized diabetes & primary care services to all adults (16+). Appointments are available via telemedicine and in-person with flexible times to accommodate your busy schedule. Unlike traditional clinics, we are a direct care practice. That means that we work for YOU, not the middlemen. For more details, please see our FAQ

At Mountain States Diabetes, We Guarantee Healthcare That Is…


We are THE experts in this field. You might even call us revolutionaries. We understand that your diabetes impacts/is impacted by infections, injuries, other illnesses and preventative health. Our clinicians attain at least 100 CME hours each year to ensure they are up to date in both fields. If we don’t know something, we will let you know & work with you until we have the answer.


We combine specialty and primary care services to ensure that all of your health care needs are addressed from start to finish. Rather than shipping you off to a bunch of different specialists, most of your care can be managed in clinic. But don’t worry, we’ll be here to navigate the other stuff too!


Our members have no copays, no coinsurance, and no surprise bills. You will know the cost of your care up front.


Effective healthcare begins with the trust between the patient and physician. At Mountain States Diabetes, your doctor gets to know you personally to provide the customized, professional care that you deserve!


There is never an inconvenient time to reach out! In addition to same- and next-day appointments, we are available day and night to answer questions, refill prescriptions, and ensure that your health is optimized.


We offer all of the conveniences of a major hospital at a fraction of the price. Your low monthly fee covers appointments, routine labs, and access to affordable medication.