The Cost of Healthcare is Too Darn High!

The Cost of Healthcare is Too Darn High!

Healthcare and health insurance costs just keep going up. So what’s one to do when wages aren’t keeping up? We have some solutions for you!

Inflation is pretty high right now. Healthcare costs generally follow suit, but they take a few months to catch up. As costs climb, what are your options? What can be done to keep your bills to a minimum, but still receive the care and medication you need? Well, we have the answers!

Membership Based Healthcare – Traditional hospitals can be difficult to navigate, expensive, and hard to see a doctor for more than a few minutes. The membership based model, like Mountain States offers, makes sure you know exactly what you will pay, and you get far more than a few minutes with your primary care doctor.

Co-Pay Cards – Drug manufacturers know that the costs of prescription drugs are high. To encourage you to choose their drug, many of them offer co-pay cards. These cards will reimburse you for your co-pay when you opt for their brand; your insurance covers the rest, so it’s essentially a no out-of-pocket option for you.

Prescription Assist – Here in Missoula we have a great pharmacy called Prescription Assist. For a flat $25 fee this company ensures paperwork is filled out properly to get medication from the drug companies at no cost. Email them at, or call 406-829-3993, for details as every individual case is different.

GoodRx – The popular website has coupons for just about every prescription, at just about every pharmacy. Simply show the cashier the coupon code, and you can save huge off the sticker price. One of our clients saw a $363+ medication drop to $28 using GoodRx.

The way we receive healthcare is changing. Using membership based programs means you can often receive better care without the worry that you’ll be hit with a huge medical bill.

Are you a member yet?

Hayley Miller MD

PS – Summer doesn’t officially end until the 21st. And there are so many events in the Missoula area this month!

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks – For more than 50 years volunteer thespians have brought the works of William Shakespeare to the people of Montana (and Idaho) for free. They believe that Shakespeare belongs to everyone, and they present world-class performances in the parks. The final two days of the season, September 6th and 7th, bring you Twelfth Night, and King Lear at the UM Oval. 

Flogging Molly & The Interrupters – An Irish-American punk rock band that’s been amping up the crowds for 20+ years, Flogging Molly puts on a great show. Have a pint of ale and enjoy the music on September 13th at the KettleHouse Amphitheater. Details on LogJam Presents.

Fall Harvest Festival – Who doesn’t love a good festival? The Fall Harvest Festival on September 25th is one of the best. As the weather cools, the harvests abound, and we look forward to the falling of the leaves. Learn how to press cider, shop the craft market, and grab a bite from a food truck. It’s free if you bring a non-perishable food item for the Missoula Food Bank.