How to Save Money on Diabetes Medications

Did you know that the patent for insulin was originally sold for $1? In 1923, the scientists that discovered insulin sold the patent for $1 each to ensure that everyone who needed insulin had access to it. As you know, times have changed.

Although the price of diabetes medications continues to rise, you can use several resources to reduce your out-of-pocket costs at the pharmacy.

Good Rx App:

  • Check this app for the cash price of your medication at your local pharmacies.
  • If the price with insurance is higher than GoodRx price, ask them to run the prescription with GoodRx instead.
  • If the medication is significantly cheaper at another pharmacy, call that pharmacy to request a transfer (they’ll do it for you!)

Copay Cards

$99 insulin programs

  • My99Insulin offers 3000 units of insulin for $99 (may be combination of Tresiba and Fiasp/Novolog)
  • Lilly Insulin Value  offers any Lilly insulin product (Humalog, Lyumjev, Basaglar) for $35/month regardless of insurance coverage
  • Sanofi ValYou Program offers $35/month price for Lantus  (site has not been working)

Free Insulin (one time fill): 

You can get 3000 units of insulin for free one time per year us ing a copay card at the pharmacy. To do so. . .

  • Go to Help with Cost – Immediate Supply
  • Do you have insurance (either answer is ok)
  •  Click – Still don’t see affordable option (below the my $99)
  • Click – Are you at risk of rationing you insulin? See how we can help..
    •  you will have the option to print or download copay card – give this to the pharmacy.
Dr. Hayley Miller

Dr. Hayley Miller

Dr. Miller grew up in Buffalo Wyoming and received her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences from the University of Wyoming. After garnering her M.D. from University of Washington School of Medicine, she completed two years of Internal Medicine residency in La Crosse Wisconsin & accepted a fast-track fellowship position in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. During her training, Dr. Miller participated in many aspects of research, but her true passion has always been patient care. She has given a number of talks to both patients & providers about healthcare innovation, optimizing diabetes management, insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin intensification and weight management.

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