Primary Care & Wellness

Customized And Comprehensive

Optimal health and wellbeing start with excellent primary care. We provide whole-patient healthcare to people living with or without diabetes. We prioritize preventative health and chronic disease management, both essential to living a long, healthy, vigorous life.  Our comprehensive, detail-oriented care is convenient, time-saving and reassuring as you deal with just one physician instead of many.

Acute Care

Respiratory infections including COVID-19, cough, ear pain, throat pain, runny nose, genital infections and acute pain

Chronic Care

Diabetes, hypertension, gout, obesity and cancer screening

Women's Health

We offer comprehensive women’s health services including pelvic exams, contraception management, testing and screenings

Men's Health

Mountain States Diabetes provides services for men’s sexual health and screening for prostate cancer

Preventative Health

We offer preventative health and recommended screenings for age specific cancers


Mountain States Diabetes offers Telemedicine services so you can be seen in the comfort of your home or office. You are always seen by your own doctor who knows your medical history